Entrance poster

When it comes to making art, there is no set standard of how much skill is required or who you are as makers. What is important is the process, the time you devote and the things you create with your own hands. You just do it.

Making art has been my getaway from reality when I feel out of focus. It keeps me inspired to be around people who also doing one thing as same as me. It simply frees me from overthinking and being too aware of my surroundings, like I often am.

Project Onward jumped out to me when I decided to do my Regifting about art this year. It’s a Chicago nonprofit organization that provides studio space and art supplies for artists who are distanced from society for a number of reasons ranging from autism to mental illness. Project Onward not only supports these artists with resources but also gives them a free place to be—where they can focus doing art they love; feel confident to present their work and themselves; and most importantly, develop a deep relationship with other people there. All the artists are exceptionally talented and willing to share their stories to keep inspiring more people who are in the same situation.

Tables of posters

I’m thrilled that Project Onward is invited to Outsider Art Fair in New York, in January 2019. They will exhibit works of four artists from the studio. This is a perfect timing for me to support them with the help from 88. All the money goes into the expenses for preparing the show. And I will design a leave-behind piece with more information about Project Onward for people who visit the show. Working with Nancy, Christine and Danielle, we’re hoping more people know about Project Onward and support them.