When I was growing up, the two strongest people in my life were my mother and my maternal grandmother. I learned about strength from my grandmother, a single mother and proud union garment worker. My mother was a firm believer in treating everyone equally, fairly, without judging them.

Even as a child, I was keenly aware of the daily inequality they faced, lived with, worked around… The current climate not only highlights the continuing inequalities and dangers women face—the problems are being willfully increased. So when I learned of a local organization that has been working to give justice, safety, health and economic security to all women and girls, I was ready to help.

Chicago Foundation for Women focuses on the top three issues that affect women’s lives today: work and economic security; freedom from violence; and access to health. Last year, working with more than 3,000 donors and local partners on the front lines, they funded 160 projects serving over 51,000 women, girls, transgender and gender-nonconforming people across the Chicago region. Their investments in these projects and people totaled $2.6 million.

Besides operating their own programs and funding others, they provide wraparound support for other programs and organizations, including training—from marketing to capacity-building, and women’s leadership initiatives. And they educate and advocate, speaking up for women and girls.

I'll match your gift

To make the most of my $500 Regifting fund, I’m making it grow. I have started a GoFundMe campaign and will match all donations made, up to the total of $500, potentially doubling it. With any luck, the generosity of others will continue beyond the match, having an even bigger impact in our investment in women and girls. As the Foundation’s website says, “Invest in women and girls, and you invest a society that works—for everyone.”