Bridget to Success entrance

For my regifting project this year, I chose to donate my money and time to Bridge to Success, an organization that helps low- or no-income, at-risk young adults prepare for employment opportunities by providing proper interview training, as well as funds clients’ workplace and interview-appropriate clothing, coupled with a personal stylist. The appropriate attire and job training helps build self-confidence, giving a candidate a better chance at landing the job and succeeding in their internship. I have always had a strong interest in helping people prepare for upcoming job opportunities and have loved fashion since I was a kid. After interviewing with a few companies during my junior year of college, I was able to land an internship as a Planner at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. For three months, I learned the ins and outs of one of the largest luxury department stores in the United States. After this experience, I was offered the opportunity to became a campus representative for Hudson’s Bay Company, in which I helped students prepare for interviews, reviewed resumes and also gave fashion advice to help them land such a fashion-focused job. Therefore, this volunteer opportunity was extremely exciting to me, since it allowed me to combine my previous experience and interests in order to help those who otherwise would not be able to receive proper interview training or afford a professional interview outfit.

Marlee measuring

When volunteering my time with Bridge to Success, I helped with two key aspects. The first day I went, I helped measure and label men’s suits and pants, which helped the Bridge to Success staff in organizing the clothes to prep for client appointments. The second day I went, I helped with two client appointments. One young female needed a few key business-casual items to wear to her internship, and the other was a young male who needed clothing for an upcoming interview. We were able to successfully help them pick clothing items that they liked and that fit them well. I made sure to donate my $500, which helps to provide an interview outfit and training for four more individuals.

Marlee picking the clothes

I am glad to have been able to meet the awesome staff working at this organization, to have been able to spend time assisting with client appointments and to have donated the money I was given by 88 Brand Partners to help make a difference in young professionals’ lives.