MS walk

I chose to support the National MS Society as my regifting benefactor. This was a no-brainer for me, as one of my (five) sisters as well as a very good friend of mine have been suffering from the disease for many years now. It’s always tough to watch anyone close to us in any kind of pain or discomfort, but my general feeling of helplessness is easily dwarfed by the courage that I see in both of them as they overcome the challenges that they face every day due to this horrible affliction.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord. These are the main components of the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls nearly everything we do, from walking to complex math problems. MS can manifest in many different types of complications. It affects the coverings of nerve endings within the central nervous system; this can result in diminished vision, motor function, tingling and pain in the extremities.

Sadly, there is no known cure for multiple sclerosis. Treatments attempt to improve function after an attack and prevent new attacks. Medications used to treat MS, while modestly effective, can have side effects and be poorly tolerated. I can only hope that my efforts with this Regifting and the gifts that will follow from friends will do something to help normalize the lives of all that are affected by this disease. MS can indeed be a challenging condition but with help such as what the National MS Society offers, many people with the disease lead healthy and active lives.

The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now—to move together toward a world free of multiple sclerosis. MS stops people from moving; the National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn’t. This is clearly summed up in the organization’s vision: “A World Free of MS.”

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My specific participation involves myself, my son and at least one other sister to join with the dedicated folks who will be walking a “Walk MS” event in Chicago on April 28, 2019. My Regifting was significant and hugely appreciated by all involved in this cause. Additionally, and as we inch closer to the actual event, I will be leveraging social media to generate as much goodwill and participation as folks can muster—so that others in my network of friends and current/former co-workers can also help in ending multiple sclerosis.

The Walk MS event is organized to help us team up with friends, loved ones and co-workers to change the world for everyone affected by MS. The money gift will help to accelerate the development of new MS treatments, diagnose MS faster and continue to fund 818 active research projects. Every time a new treatment is discovered, or critical services are provided to those in need to those in need, we can feel proud.

Together, we become a powerful force. And with every step we take on April 28th, and with every dollar raised… we are that much closer.