La Caccina

My cousin Rachel is an active participant in La Caccina, a professional women’s vocal ensemble. They primarily do small performances and festivals and are heavily involved in working with local communities. Their last performance work, ‘Lifeline,’ was a mixture of song and storytelling. Friends and family submitted songs that were important to them and wrote bits about why. The group then arranged them for women’s voices and performed a select number. (See more about them at My $500 donation went towards their operating budget as well as the account for commissioning new works.

For Regifting, I have worked to bring together both my friends and La Caccina to create a work that will support the LGBT+ community, creating greater visibility and understanding through music. Before that, though, I’ve spent time helping La Caccina to promote their upcoming holiday concerts and events, doing both social media posts and putting up posters locally. With this greater visibility, I hope La Caccina can reach more people (and ears) and create a more positive effect in our community.