Group photo

This year’s regifting project will benefit my aunt, my cousin, and the Cancer Ward at Lutheran General Hospital.

I am excited to do something for my Aunt Barbara because she does so much for me, my family and pretty much anyone else who is lucky enough to know her. After she helped start the fundraising group, Friends for a Cure, in memory of a relative who passed away from breast cancer, she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer. This only intensified her efforts in awareness and fundraising, expanding the group and participating in more walks. That intensity has been a huge inspiration to her nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters to also take up that cause, which is why that is the organization that my regifting project benefitted last year. But the Friends for a Cure efforts go to breast cancer organizations, so I was delighted to do participate in doing something for her more directly. That is where my cousin comes in.

My cousin Emma is a Girl Scout working towards her Gold Award, the highest award one can receive from the Girl Scouts, which aims to make the world a better place through addressing a community issue that they care about. Because Emma is another person inspired by Barbara and the work of Friends for a Cure, so she wanted to focus on breast cancer. She remembered that Barbara has long complained that the hospital units where she receives chemotherapy are boring and depressing. Her project looks to address my aunt’s complaint by livening the chemo treatment rooms at Lutheran General Hospital. Because Emma is also selfless and giving, I couldn’t be more enthused to contribute to her project.

Emma has permission from the hospital and has created a survey for patients so she can evaluate what would be most needed and wanted. She is already raising money to fund the things she knows she will doing, like magazine subscriptions, paint and decorations. I will be using my regifting monies to buy supplies. I am helping to create graphics and emails to solicit other companies to contribute to her project.

I am excited that this regifting opportunity allows me to help a cousin in her service project and do something for my aunt, but ultimately it reminds me that I am very blessed to belong to a family of truly inspiring people and also work at a company that encourages it.